Consortium of Legal Aid Wins Over Unbalanced System Between Tenants and Landlords


The Public Interest Law Center has won a legal battle against an unbalanced system which gives landlords disproportional power over tenants.

Philadelphia’s eviction court historically has required regulatory documents such as Certificate of Rental Suitability, a rental license, and if a child under six years of age is present, a lead safety certificate. However, because only three to five percent of low-income residents have the ability to afford attorney representation, the landlords have been able to slide past the system without much of an argument.

Landlords filing to evict a tenant must now provide evidence that they are in compliance with Philadelphia Law by showing the court a certificate of rental suitability along with the complaint. Failure to do so will result in the court reviewing the case themselves, and deciding how much the landlord can legally collect.

As a result of our partnership with the Public Interest Law Center, the rights of tenants to be equally represented in eviction court and to hold the landlords accountable to the law is an unparalleled win for our low-income community that struggles with consistent housing.

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