Meet the Bar Foundation's Spring 2019 Interns

Each semester, a number of talented interns join our team at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation. Read about each of our Spring 2019 interns and the projects they've been working on. Plus, learn why equal access to justice matters to them.

Name: Olivia Beck

Hometown: Havertown, Pennsylvania

Education: Temple University, studying Marketing

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Internship: Marketing and Development

Most interesting thing I learned at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation this spring: The most interesting thing I learned while working at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation is the abundant amount of support the Philadelphia community has for underprivileged individuals. Before working at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, I did not realize how many nonprofits and resources were available to help the community. It is amazing to see how many people are dedicated to bettering the lives of a diverse group of people.

Why I care about equal access to justice: I care about equal access to justice because I believe everyone should have an equal chance to fight for their rights. In the justice system, underprivileged individuals are commonly looked down upon and pushed to the side. These people deserve basic human rights and equal access to justice is the right path to provide these rights.

Name: Ryanne Acuna

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Education: Temple University, studying Biochemistry and Political Science

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Internship: Equal Justice Center

Most interesting thing I learned at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation this spring: I was fascinated to learn how diverse the legal aid nonprofit partners of the Bar Foundation are, encompassing issues such as housing, elderly, family, and more. Working on the Equal Justice Center highlighted the importance of the Bar Foundation's message, which is providing equal access to justice.

Why I care about equal access to justice: Unfortunately, America's justice system tends to overlook the civil legal needs of the disadvantaged, causing a justice gap. Equal access to justice is aimed at bridging this gap through providing low-income individuals and communities with the counsel necessary to tackle these civil legal issues. This counsel arrives in the forms of low bono or pro bono work, and even in the form of educating disadvantaged communities on the opportunities they didn't know they had.

Name: Maribel Davila

Hometown: Lake Worth, Florida

Education: University of Pennsylvania, studying Marketing with a minor in Law and Society

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Internship:  Marketing and Development

Most interesting thing I learned at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation this spring: One of the most interesting things I learned this spring is how crucial civil legal aid is to Philadelphia. The work the Bar Foundation and its nonprofit partners do ensures that all individuals have equal access to justice and representation, and I was unaware of how many people across the city are impacted by this work.

Why I care about equal access to justice: There are so many individuals who are systematically disadvantaged by institutional classism and racism, especially in Philadelphia. Providing equal access to justice ensures that these individuals get the representation and legal counsel they deserve in important, life-saving matters such as tenant or disability rights.