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Our Commitment to You

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation, its Board of Trustees and staff recognize our ethical obligation to conduct our activities with a commitment to excellence, strict accountability, and transparency.

We work to manage our resources effectively and convey information to stakeholders and the public about our mission, activities, accomplishments, and decision-making processes. It is our intent to make information about the Bar Foundation easily accessible and to create external visibility, public understanding, and trust in our organization.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

This plan is the culmination of efforts with Philadelphia Bar Foundation leadership and Trustees to define a roadmap for the immediate and long-term future. The Strategic Priorities identified for 2021-2023 are:

  • Philanthropy: Ground the Foundation’s fundraising and giving in race, social, and economic equity to enhance sector-wide capacity and stimulate systemic changes to remove inequities in the justice sector.
  • Sustainability & Capacity: Strengthen the Philadelphia Bar Foundation by improving organizational sustainability.
  • Partnerships: Increase and strengthen transparent, mutually beneficial partnerships across all areas of the Bar Foundation’s activities including partnerships around the Equal Justice Center initiatives and projects.
  • Advocacy & Awareness: Center racial equity in identifying, understanding, and overcoming barriers to equal access to justice.

Read the full Philadelphia Bar Foundation 2021-2023 Strategic Plan.