Planned Giving

The Equal Justice Legacy Society – Creating A Bar Foundation Legacy

The Equal Justice Legacy Society allows friends of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation to include our organization as part of their estate planning. Planned giving options may have significant donor benefits and allow you to leave a legacy to the Bar Foundation and the entire legal services community of advocates. Please talk with your financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent about making a planned gift in your will. The Philadelphia Bar Foundation supports nearly 40 nonprofit legal aid organizations with more than $3 million in grants and assistance in the last five years. Your support through the Equal Justice Legacy Society will allow us to continue to ensure that nonprofit, pro bono lawyers deliver free, high-quality legal services to Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents. 

Give a Gift that Will Cost You Nothing in Your Lifetime 

Bequests and beneficiary designations are simple ways to make a planned gift and create a legacy. A bequest is the act of naming a charity as a beneficiary in one’s will.  Similarly, individuals can name a charity as a beneficiary on a retirement account or life insurance policy. In both instances, one can designate if the charity receives a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the total.  These decisions require minimal outside guidance and can be modified at any time. 


Planned Giving may reduce estate taxes

Planned Giving may reduce gift taxes

Planned Giving is simple to execute 

Planned Giving is Revocable

Connect with your attorney to discuss leaving a portion of your estate to the Philadelphia Bar Foundation.  Below is sample language that can be added in your will to advise your loved ones and trusted advisors that you want to leave a planned gift to the benefit of the Foundation.

Make Social Justice an important part of your legacy. Let the Bar Foundation know how we can help you to combine lasting philanthropy with effective financial and estate planning.