Board Observer Program

Thank you for your 2019 Board Observer Program inquiries! Matches will be announced soon.

Individuals who would like to be considered for the 2019 Board Observer program should complete the 2019 Board Observer Program - Application.

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The award-winning Board Observer Program (BOP) serves a unique role for young lawyers and local non-profit organizations. BOP gives young lawyers the opportunity to volunteer and serve on a non-profit board of directors. Board Observers learn about local legal services organizations and other non-profits. They also gain leadership skills and strengthen their professional networks in ways that help them succeed in their future careers. Participating non-profits benefit from the energy and new ideas of these young lawyers.

BOP also strengthens the broader community of legal services organizations and other non-profits. BOP is a partnership between the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, the Delivery of Legal Services Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association (DLSC), and the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association (YLD). Young lawyers experience first-hand the value of legal aid and other social services for people in need.

After completing their BOP year, many Board Observers continue serving in non-profit board and leadership roles. Board Observers have often initiated innovative fundraising and program ideas for non-profits in the Philadelphia region.

BOP won the 2014 LexisNexis "Partnerships For Success" Award of the National Conference of Bar Foundations. The Award honors innovative and successful bar foundation/bar association partnerships.


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