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The Bar Foundation believes that our donors, other supporters, and the individuals and organizations engaged in our work all share the common principle that access to justice is fundamental to the American experience.

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Deborah R. Gross, Kaufman, Coren & Ress (Chancellor 2017): “Nonprofit legal aid organizations depend on the funding generated through donations and events of the Bar Foundation, and the publicity surrounding the Foundation’s many programs is important to keep access to justice issues in the minds of the legal community.”

Louis W. Fryman, partner, Conrad O’Brien PC (Bar Foundation President 1995): “All citizens are entitled to equal justice. The support of the agencies that serve the underrepresented of our community are essential to the well-being of our citizens. The Bar Association and the Foundation must continue to provide financial aid to those dedicated lawyers devoted to the legal protection of those underrepresented people to assure them of equal justice under the law. … Access to justice for all was permanently engraved in the Foundation by one of the grants, … given to an organization [HIAS] working for the benefit of new immigrants to the United States. … To the present day, we must still provide protection, security, and safety for those seeking asylum in America.”

Kathleen D. Wilkinson, partner, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker (Chancellor 2013): “2013 was the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Gideon v. Wainwright where a right to counsel was established in criminal cases. We applied for and got a grant from the American Bar Association to conduct statewide hearings on whether there is a right to counsel in civil cases, where one’s basic human needs, such as shelter, food, custody are at stake. … Chief Justice Ron Castille not only supported a right to counsel in civil cases but also testified that such a right is something so basic that it should be budgeted for by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, just as we budget for roads and bridges.”

Amy B. Ginensky, partner, Pepper Hamilton (President 2009-2010): “I was President of the Foundation during the great recession. Seeing its impact on the nonprofits, when funding was drastically cut by almost everyone but the Foundation, taught me how much these organizations and their clients depend on all of us. … Each and every one of us in the legal community can make a real difference by financially supporting the nonprofit legal services organizations that day to day are fighting this fight. They can’t do it alone; but they can do it and we can make it happen.”

Matthew S. Olesh, Chamberlain Hrdlicka (Chair 2017, Young Lawyers Division): “Events benefiting the Bar Foundation, including the annual event sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division, provide great opportunities to raise awareness and increase support for the Bar Foundation’s access to justice mission and its programs benefiting legal aid in Philadelphia.”

William P. Fedullo, of counsel, Rosen, Schafer DiMeo (Chancellor 2014): “My time as Chancellor influenced me to understand the overwhelming need we have for access to justice for all. Our very best public interest organizations can only serve about 20 percent of those in need. … I would like to see more lawyers and law firms sponsor our public schools and get involved in the education of our young. I would also like more of our lawyers to get more involved in helping all of those who are vulnerable in our society. … Finally, I would like to see more lawyers emulate our public interest lawyers who are the heart and soul of our legal community.”

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