Cy Pres Awards

Putting Unclaimed Dollars to Work In Our Community

You can help to initiate a cy pres award to promote equal justice for all individuals and families in the Philadelphia region.

Cy pres funds left from class action lawsuits can make a significant difference by supporting the charitable and public service causes of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation in our community.

The Bar Foundation is uniquely positioned to be a highly appropriate recipient of cy pres in many cases:

  • We serve the entire community, both in Philadelphia and beyond.
  • We provide grants and other support to nearly 40 nonprofit legal aid organizations.
  • We support the full range of access to justice issues, including children and youth, consumer issues, education, health, homeless individuals, housing, immigration, incarcerated individuals, individuals with disabilities, seniors, veterans, women, and workers.
  • We are an independent, nonprofit organization, aligned with the Philadelphia Bar Association, and governed by a Board of Trustees representing many prominent law firms and businesses in the region.

For more information, contact Jessica R. Hilburn-Holmes, Esq.