Ira S. Lefton, Esq.

Ira Lefton joined the Board of Trustees in 2018. He focuses his practice on commercial litigation with a primary emphasis on litigation relating to real estate. He has considerable experience in real estate litigation matters involving lender liability and other lender/borrower issues; enforceability of term sheets; letters of intent and real estate contracts; lease and zoning disputes, including licenses and easements; mortgage foreclosures; and compliance with pre-closing conditions for commercial real estate loans. He also handles matters concerning financing and financial services disputes; deficiency proceedings; warranty disputes and other remedies of commercial lenders; disputes over repair obligations; tenant improvement provisions and termination clauses; and premises liability.

Ira has an extensive background in construction litigation, serving as lead counsel in Pennsylvania for all cases on behalf of the largest manufacturer of EIFS (synthetic stucco). He has also done significant work in the product liability field involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, engineered products, and asbestos and mold, and has handled antitrust litigation, contractual dispute litigation, and numerous intellectual property litigations.