CORA Good Shepherd Mediation

Encouraging peace, reconciliation, and social justice and empowering individuals to resolve conflicts.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Grant Impact

CORA Good Shepherd Mediation is Philadelphia's neighborhood justice center. It provides mediation and other constructive conflict resolution processes to a wide range of individuals, families, community groups, Philadelphia courts, schools, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The Philadelphia Bar Foundation supports CORA Good Shepherd Mediation by providing unrestricted grants to support their pro bono mediation services.

Summary List of Programs and Services

Community Mediation; Family Mediation (divorce, custody, parent-youth, elder issues); Multi-party Facilitation; Pre-hearing Conference Facilitation at Family Court; Conflict Resolution Education for Children of Incarcerated and Returning Parents; Conflict Resolution Education for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System

Summary List of Priorities for Client Intake

Both parties must agree to mediate. The mediation program does not have the power to subpoena anyone to come to mediation. If you request mediation, CORA Good Shepherd Mediation will contact the other party for you, if you wish, to explain the mediation process and ask if the other party is interested in mediating.