Pennsylvania Capital Representation Project

Providing state post-conviction representation to the substantially under-served community of indigent men and women on death row in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Grant Impact

The Bar Foundation's grant is integral to the continued success of PCRP. The funding the grant provides is vital to PCRP's ability to provide stays of execution, and provide representation in state court to its clients on Pennsylvania's death row. Additionally, the grant provides PCRP with emotional encouragement. Providing support and raising awareness of PCRP's mission are some of the most impactful aspects of the grant. 

Summary List of Programs and Services

The Pennsylvania Capital Representation Project (PCRP) is a project of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, the Federal Community Defender Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (FCDO), and the Capital Habeas Unit (CHU).

The CHU has been appointed to represent state death-sentenced habeas petitioners in other federal jurisdictions, including current clients in Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Georgia, and also represents 15 of the 62 federally death sentenced prisoners in federal post-conviction proceedings. 

Our lawyers also provide training and consulting on capital cases with potential state-wide and/or national impact on the death penalty.