Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Exonerating those convicted of crimes they did not commit, preventing innocent people from being prosecuted and convicted, and helping those wrongfully convicted transition to freedom.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Grant Impact

The community partnership between Pennsylvania Innoncence Project and the Philadelphia Bar Foundation has been immeasurably valuable. The Bar Foundation understands that the value of general operating support not only validates the Pennsylvania Innocence Project's work, but also enables the organization to communicate with other funders about the Foundation's approach to funding. Pennsylvania Innocence Project also appreciates the many additional programs and opportunities for colaboration, education, and general support provided by the Bar Foundation, like the Board Observer Program. Staff members from different departments within Pennsylvania Innocence Project have attended workshops hosted by the Philadelphia Bar Foundaton that have been informative and allowed for them to make valuable contacts within the community. The funding provided by the Bar Foundation provides Pennsylvania Innocence Project with increased gravitas with law firms when they pursue charitable giving and sponsorships. 

Summary List of Programs and Services

  • Evaluation of claims of wrongful convictions
  • Identification, investigation, and litigation of claims of factual innocence
  • Policy and legislation projects to assist the wrongfully convicted

Summary List of Priorities for Client Intake

To be eligible for review by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, the individual must have been convicted in Pennsylvania of a crime s/he did not commit (that is, in which s/he had no involvement or complicity), and be currently in prison or serving a probation sentence with at least 7 years to serve. We cannot take cases where the individual pled guilty, and do not accept narcotics violations.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project only accepts case inquiries through the mail, not by e-mail or phone, and the request must come directly from the inmate; we do not accept referrals from friends or family members. If you are interested in having your case reviewed by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project you need only write us a letter with a brief factual summary of the case, a statement as to why you are seeking our help and a list of the evidence used against you at trial.