Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts

Working tirelessly to educate all Pennsylvanians about our courts and how to navigate them with confidence, providing resources to make that possible for all residents of the Commonwealth, and advocating for judicial reforms that promote inclusion and access to justice.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Grant Impact

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s support allows Pennsylvanian's for Modern Courts (PMC) to advocate for judicial reforms that increase public confidence in Pennsylvania's judiciary. Ongoing support allows PMC to instill confidence in Philadelphia residents and their ability to effectively navigate the courts system. With the Bar Foundation's support, PMC continues to work relentlessly to make Pennsylvania’s courts system fairer, impartial, more transparent, and more user-friendly.  

Summary List of Programs and Services

PMC’s mission seeks to improve and strengthen the justice system in Pennsylvania through its three main areas of focus; civic education and engagement, equal access to justice and judicial modernization and reform.

PMC functions as a court watchdog, identifying and speaking out on issues that impact the public’s confidence in our courts, and then working proactively, constructively and cooperatively to reform and modernize the judiciary. We serve as a highly respected information hub for the public, policymakers, the legal community, the courts and the media. And we are a champion of the elimination of bias in Pennsylvania’s courts in all its forms.

PMC aspires to create the conditions for a statewide judicial system in which all Pennsylvanians come to our courts, at all levels, whether as litigants, witnesses, jurors or lawyers, with knowledge of the judicial system and their roles in it and the confidence that they will be treated fairly and with respect.

Summary List of Priorities for Client Intake

PMC is an organization dedicated solely to education and advocacy. PMC does not litigate or represent clients but continues to strive to ensure that our courts are a fair and user-friendly as possible.