CeaseFire PA Executive Director is Running for U.S. Congress

  • Executive Director of CeaseFire PA, Shira Goodman

Shira Goodman, Executive Director of our nonprofit partner, Ceasefire PA, is running for U.S. Congress in the new 4th District of Pennsylvania, representing Montgomery County. Goodman plans to center her campaign on the central work of her organization: gun control. She emphasizes that thoughts and prayers will no longer suffice, so she threw her hat in the ring.

Determined to push Congress and the current administration to act effectively, Goodman is now one of three women vying for a seat at the table. She is a progressive Democrat and became interested in public service shortly after the 2016 Election. Goodman believes the jump from lobbyist to lawmaker will lead to effective change.

As an attorney, she has spent a significant amount of time lobbying for changes in the criminal justice system with Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts. She has explained that if elected, her key goals regarding gun control will be pushing for better gun laws in terms of “losing background-check loopholes; restricting access to assault-style rifles, automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines.” Although gun control is her focus, she also hopes to battle abortion rights and criminal justice reform.

For more information on Shira Goodman and her run for office, head to Whyy.org.