CeaseFirePA Provides a Platform for High School Students to Talk Gun Violence


Kudos to our nonprofit partner, CeaseFirePA, for continuing the conversation. They teamed up with Global Citizen and March For Our Lives to include Generation Z in the national discussion about gun violence. Students in all grades from eight different schools gathered at Parkway Northwest High School for the inaugural meeting.

Among other topics, the students discussed the use of metal detectors and security guards. CeaseFirePA encouraged students to push the dialogue to their peers. Shira Goodman, the Executive Director of CeaseFirePA questions the availability of alternative methods to keep children safe: “Are metal detectors going to protect these suburban schools from school shootings? Maybe, but maybe there are other things we can do besides locking down our schools.”

Meetups like these give young people a seat at the table in a world where gun violence at schools is becoming more frequent. Students find comfort in their shared opinions and they want to see results. As a growing social justice program, more high schoolers are joining the conversation to learn and share their thoughts about advocacy, mental health support, bullying and warning signs.

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