Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project Gives Client a Financial Fresh Start

Ms. S. went to Philadelphia Legal Assistance for help with her debts so that she could obtain suitable housing for her family of 5.  She was living in a rental property when her 7 yr. old daughter witnessed a murder in front of their home and was, understandably, traumatized by what she had seen.  Our client wanted to move her family to another location for her daughter's mental health but also because the client is a survivor of domestic violence and her abuser lived in that neighborhood.  Her twins, aged 5, both have serious medical and developmental issues and are being treated at CHOP.    Client fell behind in her utility bills because she needed to use her income to transport the twins to CHOP for their weekly appointments there.  Client desperately wanted to obtain affordable public housing but she did not qualify for public housing due to her utility debt.  Philadelphia Legal Assistance interviewed the client and determined that the case should be referred to CBAP to help client to stabilize her finances.  CBAP gave this case top priority because she was a domestic abuse survivor.  Through the bankruptcy, the CBAP supervising attorney, Siana Newman, and volunteer law student, Ian Charlton, assisted Ms. S. in discharging her utility debts thereby helping her to qualify for a Section 8 residence far from her abuser and away from the violence witnessed by her daughter.  Client has successfully completed the many steps of her Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and has received a fresh financial start.