February and the Love of Justice


By Meredith S. Auten, President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation.

Love is at the heart of the work of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation: love of humanity, love of community, and love of justice. With Valentine’s Day at the heart of February, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation invites friends, colleagues, and family members to reflect on all of those who have helped us develop our love for what we do and for who we are.

Would you like to thank a family member who has supported you? A friend who has been there with you through the good and the bad? A mentor who took a genuine interest in helping you succeed? A client who impressed you so much that they helped you to be better at what you do or gave you the encouragement that you needed to work more, to fight harder, or to see the world more compassionately?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation is sponsoring a “Love of Justice” fundraiser for the month of February. Individuals can make donations in the names of those special people who showed them extra kindness, support, or simple acts of love. What better way to recognize the kindness of others than helping the Bar Foundation provide programs, fellowships, grants, and awards to provide access to justice for all our neighbors?

Visit the Bar Foundation website at https://www.tfaforms.com/5038390 throughout the month of February and participate in our Love of Justice campaign: https://www.tfaforms.com/5038390

In the spirit of this charitable recognition, the Bar Foundation will notify your honorees with a specially designed electronic greeting that a gift has been made by you in their honor. You can also choose to remain anonymous. Share your appreciation for others. Let them know how their kindness has also helped you, and by doing so, they are now helping others gain access to education, employment, housing, family unity, healthcare, safety, and ultimately, justice.

Happy February!

Meredith S. Auten is president of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation.