Make a Lasting Impact On Our Community


By Meredith S. Auten, President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation.

As we ease into the calm of summer, as the Philadelphia Bar Foundation approaches its 60th Anniversary, and as my term as president of the Foundation begins to wind down, I can’t help but think about my legacy as president. With six months remaining in my term, there remains so much more that can be done to further the mission of the Foundation and to make a lasting impact on our community.

Over the next few months, I plan to conduct meaningful conversations with some of the people who have inspired me to engage with the Foundation, with many of my colleagues with whom I have worked, and with those who have quietly given generously of their time, talent, and resources to help the Foundation remove barriers to justice. As I connect and reconnect with friends of the Foundation, I hope to learn how we could make the Foundation stronger to have an even more meaningful impact. What are the personal goals of those who have already invested so many of their resources in the Foundation? What are their goals? Where and how do they hope that the Foundation will have the greatest impact? I also hope that these conversations will inspire those with whom I speak to renew their commitment to the Foundation.

We all want to leave a lasting impression, especially with those we care most about and with the people and organizations that matter most to us. I look forward to talking with you and learning how you might make the success of the Foundation part of your own plans.

So, as you pack the sunscreen, or mix up mojitos, or fire up your grills, please consider talking with me or somebody else from the Foundation to talk about Planned Giving. We can work together to have the lasting legacies we want most.