Meet the Philadelphia Bar Foundation's Spring 2021 Intern


This spring, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation team was joined by Shamari Harrington, an extremely talented and dedicated intern.

Learn more about Shamari, the projects she has been working on, and why equal access to justice matters to her.

Name: Shamari Harrington

Hometown: Windsor, Connecticut

Education: Junior at University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Most interesting thing I learned while working at the Philadelphia Bar Foundation: I learned how crucial civil legal aid is to equal access to justice in the city of Philadelphia and how many diverse organizations and individuals are committed to serving Philadelphians regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, ability, or income.

Why I care about equal access to justice: Growing up in a comparably impoverished and under resourced city, I have witnessed the system’s bias against those that are unable to afford or access criminal justice. Additionally, while leading an organization on campus aimed at bringing awareness to criminal justice reform, I have learned about the barriers present in Philadelphia that prevent people from accessing justice. I believe that your identity and circumstances should not hinder your future success and the fight for equal access to justice underscores this belief. Thus, I am passionate about ensuring that people like me, who the system was not built to serve, receive justice. When everyone has access to justice, nobody becomes a victim of their circumstances.