Nonprofit Partner Round-Up - 11/12 - 12/03

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation funds nearly 40 legal aid nonprofits, all of whom are doing incredible work in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania for the communities they serve. Our bi-weekly news round-ups highlight their recent activities:

12/03/19 - Women’s Law Project filed a joint brief to urge the Supreme Court to strike down a Louisiana law that requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

12/01/19 - Lawyers from AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania have filed a lawsuit against SunRay Drugs for exposing the confidential health information of a Pennsylvania woman.

11/27/19 - CeaseFire PA is urging for action on Extreme Risk Prevention Order legislation originally introduced in the PA senate in February.

11/27/19 - Community Legal Services of Philadelphia submitted testimony to the City Committee on Finance in support of a bill that seeks to increase the amount of the local wage tax refund available for low-income workers.

11/22/19 - Juvenile Law Center has expressed their support for a bipartisan Justice for Juveniles act introduced to the House of Representatives to protect young people from abuse in prisons.

11/20/19 - Following an argument presented by president of ACLU PA Peter Goldberger, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court reaffirmed the fundamental right of a person charged with a criminal offense to remain silent and not incriminate themselves.

11/20/19 - A federal jury ruled in favor of two former Berks County Prison inmates represented by the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project, concluding that Berks County was guilty of gender discrimination.

11/19/19 - At a recent meeting of Philadelphia City Council’s Special Committee on Poverty Reduction and Prevention, Sharon Dietrich of Community Legal Services presented the main points of improvement revolved around Pennsylvania’s new “Clean Slate” bill.

11/12/19 - U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon introduced legislation that would make it easier to hold residential facilities accountable for juvenile abuse following the Glen Mills Schools class-action lawsuit filed by Juvenile Law Center & Education Law Center.

11/12/19 - A Homeless Advocacy Project Birth Certificate Legal Clinic held at Project HOME included volunteers from Comcast and Morgan Lewis who provided assistance with Birth Certificate applications.