Nonprofit Partner Round-Up 2/25/20 - 3/10/20


The Philadelphia Bar Foundation funds nearly 40 legal aid nonprofits, all of whom are doing incredible work in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania for the communities they serve. Our bi-weekly news round-ups highlight their recent activities:

3/8/20 - Marcia Hopkins, senior manager of Youth Advocacy Program and Policy at Juvenile Law Center, penned her support for a bill that would eliminate fines and fees in the juvenile justice system in Maryland, which often end up pushing youth and their families further into the system. 

3/4/20 - Women’s Law Project filed a brief in a Supreme Court case fighting Louisiana's Act 620, arguing the connection between anti-abortion violence and admission privileges at state-authorized hospitals within 30 miles of the clinic, which would leave only one doctor across the state able to perform abortions. 

3/4/20 - Christian Soltysiak, the interim Executive Director of CeaseFire PA, called a Lebanon county town’s new law a "fear mongering tactic." The ruling, called the “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” states that the right to bear arms will not be denied regardless of federal law. 

3/4/20 - American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania sent a formal letter of complaint to the Montgomery County Commissioners after two public defenders were fired.

2/29/20 - Plans for the opening of Safehouse, the nation's first medically supervised injection site organized in-part by AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, have been put on hold due to community concerns and issues with the medical complex where Safehouse was going to be located.

2/27/20 - An attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania spoke out against a rule that allows judges to determine the ability of defendants to pay court costs.

2/27/20 - The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania voiced their support for the York City Mayor’s plan to review a rule that doesn’t allow body cam footage from police offers to be released.