Nonprofit Partner Round-Up: 7/14/21 - 8/17/21


The Philadelphia Bar Foundation funds nearly 40 legal aid nonprofits, all of whom are doing incredible work in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania for the communities they serve. Our news roundups highlight their recent activities.

8/17/21 – Vic Patel, a housing attorney with Community Legal Services, advises tenants on what to do if they’re landlord is illegally locking them out of their home.

8/16/21 – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighted Philadelphia’s Eviction Diversion Program, run by Good Shepherd Mediation.

8/12/21 – A Commonwealth Court judge ruled to allow evidence pertaining to racial disparities in the Public Interest Law Center’s upcoming school funding suit. PILC believes the evidence will help highlight disparities between students of different socioeconomic statuses.

8/11/21 – Community Legal Services, Disability Rights Pennsylvania, SeniorLAW Center, Pennsylvania Health Law Project, and others authored a new report that focused on the glaring disparities faced by Black and Brown individuals in nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

8/6/21 – Attorneys from Community Legal Services spoke to Generocity about options for Philadelphia homeowners facing foreclosure following the expiration of the federal foreclosure moratorium.

8/5/21 – The Philadelphia Citizen highlighted Youth Sentencing and Reentry Project’s Intergenerational Healing Circle, a program that offers a safe and welcoming space and builds community for formerly incarcerated men, ages 17-50, who were Juvenile Lifers or minors tried as adults.

8/4/21 – Women’s Law Project penned an open letter to Pennsylvania state lawmakers following an announcement that they would sponsor anti-trans legislation targeting gender-diverse teens and child athletes.

8/3/2021 – YR.Media interviewed Juvenile Law Center’s Chief Legal Officer Marsha Levick about the Supreme Court’s decision in late April that rolled back protections for youth convicted of homicide.

7/30/21 – The Philadelphia Inquirer compiled a list of resources for Philadelphians facing eviction that included advice and programs from a number of our nonprofit partners.

7/24/21 – Michael Churchill of the Public Interest Law Center penned an op-ed explaining what the upcoming Pennsylvania Fair Funding for Public Schools lawsuit is hoping to achieve.

7/20/21 – Philadelphia Legal Assistance launched a website to help Pennsylvanians navigate the state’s new unemployment claims website.

7/14/21- The Care Not Control coalition, made up of a number of organizations including the Youth Sentencing and Reentry Project and Juvenile Law Center, launched a poster campaign to bring awareness to Pennsylvania’s incarcerated youth and their families.

7/14/21- Community Legal Services is spreading the word about the Advanced Child Tax Credit payments which provides much needed economic relief for families during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.