Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: AIDS Law Project


Our nonprofit partner AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania is a public-interest law firm providing free legal assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS and those affected by the epidemic in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Founded in 1988 by David W. Webber, AIDS Law Project was created to focus on AIDS-related discrimination cases. Today, they are the country’s only independent public-interest law firm dedicated to AIDS and HIV.

AIDS Law Project provides legal assistance for a variety of topics, including HIV and AIDS-specific topics such as discrimination, privacy, and HIV testing protocols, health-care related issues such as public and private benefits, poverty-related issues. They also provide assistance on issues that affect the general population, like housing, wills, financial and consumer debt, and immigration.

In 2017 alone, AIDS Law Project represented 1,220 people on cases concerning 6,839 legal issues. In addition to providing legal assistance, AIDS Law Project educates the public about AIDS-related legal issues, trains case management professionals to become better advocates for HIV-positive clients, and works with various levels of government to achieve fair laws and policies.

AIDS Law Project is staffed by 14 passionate lawyers, paralegals, and other administrative professionals. Executive Director Ronda B. Goldfein, Esq., a POZ Magazine Top 100 HIV/AIDS Advocate, has won several awards and recognition for her work for those living with AIDS, including the LAX Center Honors Advocacy, the Outproud Friend Award, and Straight-Ally Hero of the Year.

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