Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: The Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project

The Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project (CBAP) assists low income, Philadelphia residents with free debt counseling and pro bono Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation with the help of our dedicated staff, volunteer attorneys, and local law students.

CBAP was created in 1992 by the combined efforts of members of the Eastern District of Philadelphia Bankruptcy Conference and the local legal services community. Since that time CBAP has provided one main service. We pair low income clients with significant debt with pro bono bankruptcy attorneys.  Our volunteers assess the case and determine what debt management tool is most appropriate.  If a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is appropriate the attorney represents the client throughout the full process, from start to finish.  Since 1992, we have helped over 10,000 Philadelphians get a financial fresh start.

Starting in 2019, CBAP expanded its services and now also provides financial literacy education to vulnerable populations.  Our volunteers educate on such topics as personal finances, building or rebuilding credit, and student loans. The important financial advice that our volunteers always provided in the bankruptcy context is now available to a wider audience. We have created some meaningful new partnerships in this area and look forward to advising even more individuals on smart financial principles and encouraging individual financial empowerment.

All of CBAP’s clients have incomes that fall below 200% of the federal poverty level and live in Philadelphia County.   Our clients come to us with significant debt, often as a result of a catastrophic event such as a sudden illness or job loss. We can’t do this work without the efforts of our pro bono attorney partners. Our clients and our team are grateful for their dedication, energy, and expertise.