Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: WOAR - Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence


WOAR – Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence has been advocating for victims and survivors of sexual assault since 1971. As Philadelphia’s only rape crisis center and one of the first in the nation, WOAR provides counseling, support, and advocacy services to survivors of sexual violence. Children and adults who have experienced sexual violence can access free trauma informed therapy services from the organization, as well as a number of other victim services including a 24-hour crisis hotline, court accompaniment, and medical accompaniment. In addition to individual therapy, WOAR also offers group therapy and psychoeducational support groups.

WOAR also works to educate the greater Philadelphia community about sexual assault and how to prevent it. They offer skill-based workshops and trainings that promote prevention strategies to reduce the risk of sexual violence to schools, colleges, technical institutes, community agencies and professionals, as well as four special education projects. SAFE BARS Philly is a training program for bar staff that teaches strategies to prevent sexual harassment and alcohol-fueled sexual violence. WOAR’s Healthy Masculinity Initiative facilitates guided discussions in safe spaces about masculinity, traditional male gender roles, and sexual assault prevention, and supports males in the development of emotional literacy as well as aligning males as allies to prevent sexual violence. The lotus. Program provides services for survivors of sexual assault who identify as LGBTQIA+ and WOAR offers special services for the Latinx community as well.