Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Women's Law Project


Our Nonprofit Partner Women’s Law Project (WLP) is committed to the creation of a more equitable society through the advancement and protection of the rights and status of women, girls and LGBTQ individuals. Through high-impact litigation, legal and public policy advocacy and community education, WLP strives to break down barriers and empower women.

Since 1974, the WLP has been a leading force in the legal fight for women’s rights. They are a state based, but nationally recognized, public interest legal center. Their practice areas include reproductive rights, violence against women, health care, family court and law reform, and discrimination against women and girls in education and employment, with a special focus on Title IX. They offer easily accessible online resources as well as an over the phone counseling and referral service. One of their most prominent programs is #MeTooPa which provides free confidential services in both English and Spanish for students and workers who have experienced sexual harassment in school or on the job. They are also a leader in the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health. WLP was a founding member of this campaign that includes 55 local, state, and national organizations working together to make improvements on women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania.

Recently, WLP has been working on litigation involving women seeking equal treatment and housing practices while incarcerated at Berks County Jail. The women have alleged that they were the victims of discriminatory, unequal treatment and housing practices based on solely on gender. WLP, along with two of our other nonprofit partners ACLU Pennsylvania and Community Legal Services, has filed amicus curiae “friend of the court” briefs in the Victory V. Berks County Jail case. This is just one example of the impactful work happening every day at the WLP.

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