Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Women's Law Project


Women’s Law Project is a nonprofit public interest legal organization celebrating 50 years of protecting and advancing reproductive autonomy, LGBTQ equality, and gender justice in Pennsylvania and beyond.
WLP forges progress toward equality through impact litigation, direct counsel and assistance, policy advocacy, and public education. Our priorities are informed by the courage of our clients, whose experiences navigating discrimination drive our institutional reform strategies.
We work across a broad range of inter-related issues with special focus on securing reproductive autonomy and LGBTQ equality. This mission entails eliminating barriers to abortion and contraception access, fighting attacks targeting gender-expansive people, and protecting young people from regressive efforts targeting their rights, gender expression, and privacy.
A unique aspect of the organization’s practice is that WLP attorneys have represented freestanding abortion providers in Pennsylvania in both major litigation and day-to-day matters for decades.
Representing abortion providers, WLP attorneys achieved a recent landmark victory at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in Allegheny Reproductive Healthcare Center v. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. In this case, the Court overruled a 1985 precedent that inappropriately restricted the Pennsylvania Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) from applying to situations based on unique physical characteristics and declared the state ban on Medicaid coverage of abortion “presumptively unconstitutional" before remanding the case to lower court. The ruling has been hailed as the most significant rebuke of the Dobbs decision out of the states yet: In addition to enabling the elimination of Medicaid ban, it reinvigorates the Pennsylvania ERA, setting the stage for strategic legal efforts to extract our state constitution’s full promise of gender equality for Pennsylvanians.
To learn more about this new legal landscape in Pennsylvania, you are invited to Abortion Bans As Sex Discrimination: The Pennsylvania Medicaid Case, State Constitutions & the Post-Dobbs Legal Fight, a virtual CLE on Thursday, April 4 at 1:30PM. This CLE offers 1 credit (all states). Registration is $50 and can be found at $25 public interest option available. Contact Brittany Green at [email protected] with any questions.