A Step Toward Reuniting Families - VIDEO

Our nonprofit partner, Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP), is making waves in juvenile justice. Leading a group of dedicated volunteers, YSRP brought attention to a critical national issue; billing parents for the cost of their incarcerated children. The city's effective immediate decision to stop collection from parents is a monumental one - as cities across the nation are following suit. 

For decades, parents have been responsible for their children's detention fees. However, the policy has merely torn families apart. Mostly, because the monthly bill costs far more than the families can afford. Thanks to our nonprofit partner, the city reconsidered their position and are now a step closer to reuniting families. How will this plan rollout and what's next for YSRP? Find out at theMarshallProject.org.

Plus, YSRP goes on camera! NBC Nightly News interviewed Co-Director Lauren Fine, Esq. and featured YSRP staff and supporters. Keep up the great work! Watch the full video on the NBC Nightly News site.