WLP Empowering Women with Community Conversation Series


The Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s nonprofit partner, the Women’s Law Project (WLP), has worked tirelessly to ensure rights for women since 1974. Most recently, they have urged law makers to acknowledge women’s voices by working with the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health. Through their partnership, they organized and hosted 12 community conversations in 10 cities and towns across the Commonwealth. With so many women feeling that their voices are not being heard, these conversations have given them a platform to express their opinions on PA policies. These women, including Latinx Pennsylvanians, joined the conversations in hopes of protecting their health care and strengthening their families.

WLP then compiled their findings and presented the reports at the Keystone Progress Summit. These reports shared that the community conversations empower women as they become united in their cause. Through the platforms provided by WLP, Pennsylvania women get a megaphone to use their voices and share their ideas for change.

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