Overcoming Barriers to Justice

How the Bar Foundation and Legal Aid Overcome Barriers

The Bar Foundation is the only foundation in Philadelphia solely dedicated to supporting our city's legal services community.

Over $3 million in grants and other assistance have been awarded by the Bar Foundation in the last five years.

Nearly 40 nonprofit legal aid organizations receive annual grants and other support from the Bar Foundation, representing the full range of vital services for people in need.

Over 60,000 clients per year are served by organizations funded by the Foundation, as well as tens of thousands more who benefit from impact litigation and advocacy.

Research shows that every dollar invested in legal aid yields, on average, an $11 benefit for the individual, their family, and the whole community.

When a legal problem is successfully addressed and resolved, both the client and the whole community benefit from the resulting improvement in family stability, safe housing, educational opportunities, needed health care, new or continued employment, increased income for food and clothing, and more.

Supporting the Full Range of Legal Services

Individuals and families struggling with poverty, abuse, and discrimination face many of the same legal problems as all people. But they also confront legal challenges arising due to their particular circumstances and challenges.

Guaranteeing equal access to justice for all requires ensuring that a wide range of legal services are available to meet these varied needs. Gaps in legal services mean gaps in our system of justice.

The Bar Foundation is committed to supporting the full range of nonprofit legal aid organizations, from education to employment, from health to housing, from youth to seniors, and from people with disabilities to immigrants.

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