Special Circumstances Campaign

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Many nonprofit legal aid organizations in our community are experiencing urgent increases in client demand for their services and also potentially significant cuts in their federal and state funding. They are in need of an immediate infusion of resources due to these special, unexpected circumstances.

This serious situation will continue and possibly expand over the next several months and beyond. Action is needed now to ensure continuity and to strengthen vital services for people in need.


Thomas Brophy, President of the Bar Foundation and Deborah Gross, Former Chancellor of the Bar Association, are together calling for your generous support for this Special Circumstances Campaign.

The Bar Foundation regularly provides annual unrestricted grants and other support to nearly 40 legal aid organizations working every day to promote access to justice for all people in the community, particularly those struggling with poverty, abuse, and discrimination.

Donations to the Special Circumstances Campaign will allow the Bar Foundation to issue Special Circumstances Grants to local legal aid organizations currently receiving a regular annual grant from the Foundation. The Bar Foundation has the unique capacity, through well-established processes, to evaluate and respond to requests for special assistance from the full range of legal aid organizations. This is a standard part of the Foundation’s operations, although the current special circumstances are anything but ordinary.


Donors can be assured that their generous contributions will be distributed using a thoughtful and careful process in response to the greatest needs facing individuals and families and the highly effective legal aid organizations that serve them.

Please know that the Special Circumstances Campaign is in addition to the other philanthropic programs of the Bar Foundation. We will continue to rely on your support for our regular programs.

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