Atlantic Center for Capital Representation

Providing consultation and mitigation services, legal advocacy, education, and training to combat the death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentences in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation Grant Impact

With the support of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, the Atlantic Center for Capital representation (ACCR) has seen a dramatic change in the landscape of the death penalty in Pennsylvania. Slowly but surely, ACCR's efforts to change the conversation have been an astounding success, and the death penalty is closer to its end than ever before.

Summary List of Programs and Services

Consultation, Mitigation, Trainings, Litigation, Communications, Outreach, & Advocacy

Overall Client Eligibility Criteria

ACCR is a key resource in the Atlantic region for defense teams and their clients, legislators, public officials, criminal justice reform assemblies, death penalty advocacy groups, media outlets, and concerned citizens of Pennsylvania, and across the entire United States.