Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Justice at Work


Since 1975, Justice At Work has been serving low-wage workers in Pennsylvania. First established as a part of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (ACLU-PA) as the “Farmworkers Civil Liberties Project”, the organization eventually became an independent nonprofit, and then changed its name from Friends of Farmworkers to Justice at Work to better encompass their scope of work. 

Through direct legal services, education, and advocacy, Justice at Work helps low-wage working Pennsylvanians pursue economic and social justice. Their current program priorities include minimum wage and wage payment problems, protecting workers from unsafe and unhealthy work conditions, and remedying various types of discrimination against workers. Justice at Work provides free legal assistance eligible workers and organizations on employment-related, housing, and public entitlement issues. In particular, they help immigrant workers who have been working for years under the same employer under H-2B visas. Justice at Work also provides workers with community education about their legal rights, and works to inform and advocate for the rights of low-income works to other organizations, in order to increase knowledge and support of their mission. They have a number of special intiatives as well, including services for victims of labor trafficking, medical-legal partnerships, and the Voces de Trabajadoras (Voices of Women at Work) project.