Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Nationalities Service Center

  • Two female employees smiling & standing in front of a Nationalities Service Center banner
    Nationalities Service Center Staff greets attendees at their annual Thanksgiving Celebration

Nationalities Service Center (NSC), our nonprofit partner, is Philadelphia’s leading immigrant and refugee service organization. NSC prepares and empowers immigrants and refugees in the Philadelphia region to transcend challenging circumstances by providing comprehensive client-centered services to build a solid foundation for a self-sustaining and dignified future. 

NSC was started in 1921 to assist immigrant women in acquiring English proficiency and U.S. citizenship. Today, NSC serves 5,000 immigrants and refugees each year from over 100 countries and provides services in various areas such as language access and proficiency, legal protections and remedies, community transition and integration, access to health and wellness, and job readiness training. NSC also provides professional interpretation and translation services in over 150 languages with qualified interpreters that help clients avoid costly mistakes due to language barriers in courtrooms, emergency rooms, or boardrooms. For over 95 years, NSC has been the premier center for English language classes in Philadelphia, using a learner-centered approach that takes the students’ individual and group needs into consideration in deciding the direction of the classroom instruction. 

NSC also implements Special Initiatives focused on helping immigrant victims of crimes, unaccompanied children, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture and trauma, and urban agricultural communities by providing case management, community building, legal services, and other support.

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