Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Pennsylvania Health Law Project


Pennsylvania Health Law Project (PHLP) was launched in 1981 through the Delaware County Legal Assistance Association with the mission of helping Pennsylvanians access the basic necessity that is health care. The organization became an independent nonprofit in 1993, and specializes in aiding low-income individuals, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

The Pennsylvania Health Law Project's toll-free helpline (1-800-274-3258) offers high quality legal advice and assistance to Pennsylvanians with Medicaid coverage and benefits at no cost. Through legal representation, PHLP helps Pennsylvanians seeking health insurance coverage or Pennsylvanians with health insurance who have been denied medically necessary services. The agency assists with issues regarding Medicaid applications, coverage termination during annual renewals, and Medicaid insurance plan coverage issues. PHLP advocates for policies that not only best fit the client’s health care needs but also maintain and protect their legal interests.

PHLP provides health care related educational training to advocates, health care providers, social workers, and consumers in Pennsylvania. Training topics range from Medicaid 101 to deeper issues such as successful appeal strategies, writing letters of medical necessity, and more. The organization advocates for all consumers to ensure they have access to health systems that honor individual choice, protect individual rights, maintain dignity, and help people live meaningful lives at home and in their communities.