Over $750,000 given by the Philadelphia Bar Foundation's 2023 Grant Cycle

In time for its 60th anniversary celebration in 2024, The Philadelphia Bar Foundation broadened its scope of support for the legal aid community with an astounding $755,987 in unrestricted grants. In 2023, the organization received a substantial Cy Pres distribution to benefit nonprofit organizations dedicated to employee rights or employee advocacy and a generous anonymous grant targeted for specific nonprofits. These gifts allowed the Philadelphia Bar Foundation to increase its grant-giving capacity by almost 100 percent from 2022.

Thirty-six nonprofit partners will benefit from the 2023 grant cycle to ensure that veterans receive benefits, families avoid eviction, those in abusive situations find shelter, and thousands of Philadelphians gain access to healthcare, nutrition, and legal services that uplift their lives and free up the court system.

“This opportunity to provide almost 800,000 dollars to support the civil legal aid community is a great way to begin my term as President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation,” Niki Ingram, Esq., President of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation. “This significant increase in funding can help our nonprofit partners, individuals who have dedicated their careers to the public interest, can be even more effective in providing civil legal aid.”

Over the years, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation has been able to provide approximately 16 million dollars in unrestricted grants to nonprofit partners working together to make the justice system fairer and more accessible, helping Philadelphians address civil legal matters from housing to unemployment to immigration.

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation is excited to begin its 60th anniversary celebrations in 2024 on the heels of this monumental grant cycle. Over the next two years, the Philadelphia Bar Foundation plans to engage and re-engage with donors and the many partners, working together to close the justice gap and live up to the promise equal justice under the law, just as it has for its first six decades.